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Data Capture

Extract data from any kind of document by ALTILIA's easy-to-use and highly scalable Document Data Capture technology based on MANTRA Platform™.

Your needs

Automate data capture from documents having:

  • Very different internal formats (e.g. html, pdf, image, doc)
  • Various layouts (e.g. multicolumn documents, brochures)
  • Complex information structures (e.g. tables, item lists)

Our solution

 MANTRA Data Capture  enables accurate information extraction by the MANTRA Language™ that combines machine learning and rules to annotate and extract information, objects and concepts from text contained into documents.

The MANTRA Language™ has the ability to exploit spatial document features in recognizing and extracting data.

How to use it

 SDaaS  Smart Data as a Service™

You can use MANTRA APIs for the integration with enterprise systems and applications.

 SAaaS  Smart Analytics as a Service™

You can use MANTRA Workflows to store and integrate extracted data, while by MANTRA Mashboards you can easily explore data coming from documents.



  • 10x more accurate than other existing products.
  • Ability to capture data and contents from documents where other tools fail.
  • 10x easier to use by point-and-click visual interfaces.
  • Highly scalable.
  • 10x more effective in saving cost and time for automating repetitive data entry and content capture tasks.


See it

Take a look at Data Capture Workflow examples

Take a look at Data Capture Mashboard examples

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