Turn Big Data into Smart Data 

For the past few years Big Data architectures have been the rage to give organizations the ability to access broader and more complex data sets with more flexibility. But simply managing the diversity and volumes of data - that need to be joined, consolidated, moved and analyzed - is not enough. Organizations want easier ways to generate business insights to make better and more informed decisions.

ALTILIA transforms ‘Big Data’ into ‘Smart Data’ by MANTRA Smart Data Management Platform™.
MANTRA is able to power many different enterprise solutions in different industries.

What is "Smart Data”

 Smart Data  is Web and enterprise data with explicit semantics (e.g. semantic annotations and metadata, entities and objects extraction, natural language processing, taxonomies, ontologies, linked data) combined with implicit semantics (e.g. machine learning, inference) to embed into applications to get smarter business insights..
MANTRA enables the design of “big data contextual processing workflows” that combines semantic structures and information flow with deep context to transform disparate unstructured heterogeneous data into actionable relevant smart data. The objective is to leverage users' behavioral actions to better understand intent, provide real time personalized results, and empower business processes by smarter decision making.
MANTRA is offered as a Hybrid Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) with extensible API capabilities.

ALTILIA's short history

  • Founded in 2010 as a ICAR-CNR spin-off.
  • In November 2011 won the Italian Innovation Prize "Working Capital”.
  • In 2012/2013 has raised € 2,6M in a “series A” funding from Principia SGR, the most important Italian venture capitalist.
  • In April 2013 has been ranked as one of the eight most Innovative Data Management Companies & Solutions at Enterprise Data World in San Diego, CA.
  • Dynamic and fast growing, it’s currently headquartered in Rende (CS, Italy) - with a team of 20 high-skilled employees – and in Milan.
  • It has many customers in USA and Italy operating in different industries and business application fields:

—Industries: Financial Services, eCommerce, Fashion & Luxury, Government and Public Sector, Health Care and Pharma, Publishing and Media, Telco, Utility, Retail/Consumer Products.
—Business application: Market/Competitive/Price Intelligence, Operations, Fraud Detection, Risk Profiling, Cyber Security, OSINT, CRM, Data/Application Integration and Virtualization.



Piazza Vermicelli, snc - 87036 Rende (CS), ITALY
Phone: +39 0984 494277


Via A. Volta, 41 - 87036 Rende (CS), ITALY

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