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AZIONE 1.2.2
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Your needs

As  online retailer  you need to improve the decision-making about product pricing, determine the best promotions, and optimize assortment.

As  manufacturer  you need to get deep insights into brands, product perception, and customers’ preferences, to monitor competitors’ assortment strategies, improve product marketing and positioning, monitor price violation.

MANTRA uses very powerful semantic facilities to automatically align your product catalog with those of your competitors. So you can easily compare prices of equal products and explore pricing of similar products.

Our solution

 APPIA  allows you to:

  • Constantly monitor competitors’ product catalogs to get product assortment, prices, promotions, availability, and discounts.
  • Perform dynamic pricing.
  • Get real-time alerts on SKU and product categories.
  • Monitor and analyze comments available on online stores to get the most relevant concepts along with sentiments, opinions and targets which they are referred to.


  •  10x more accurate than other existing products. 
  • Reduced churn, greater customer loyalty, better customer segmentation, deeper understanding of customer behavior on all channels and touch points.
  • 10x faster and clear view of competitive environment for improved marketing strategies.
  • 10x easier to use by point-and-click visual interfaces.
  • Highly scalable.



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