MANTRA Smart Data Platform™

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    The Smart Data Story.

    MANTRA manages Big Data integration and design complexity to ‘harmonize’ and transform into actionable information faster and better.

    MANTRA is a unique blend of NLP, machine learning, contextual processing, and knowledge representation algorithms offered on full Hadoop Cloud stack.

    MANTRA saves time and money for developers, analysts, and business users to build, deploy and use Smart Data driven APPs for better engagement, faster business insights, more informed decisions.

    Combine APPs in high-performance Contextual Workflows.

    Don’t need to be a data scientist, information architect, ontologist, taxonomist, machine-learning expert to build accurate, flexible, agile, scalable
    Smart Data Solutions.

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    Access any data you need.

    Acquire, integrate, align, harmonize,
    analyze, search and explore Big Data
    by a schema-agnostic approach
    based on Contextual Workflows.

    Connect to heterogeneous information sources, both Web and Enterprise, and unify structured and unstructured data spread into your digital ecosystem.


    • Enterprise data sources and applications (ERP, CRM, CMS, DMS, machine and user generated logs, pixel tag data).
    • e-Commerce and institutional web sites.
    • Social and Online media (newspapers, blogs, forums), emails, CRMcommunications.
    • Third-party data providers, open and linked data sources.
    • Subscription content providers.
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    Turn Big Data into Smart Data.

    Design Big Data solutions as Contextual Workflows exploiting Data Semantics.

    MANTRA Contextual Workflow is an APPs orchestrator enabling flexible, agile, and scalable applications.
    A MANTRA APP provides a set of advanced features and, at the same time, it hides to users the complexity of the performed tasks.


    • Semantic enrichment based on artificial intelligence, NLP, machine learning, knowledge representation.
    • Easy-to-use, highly scalable "Smart" Web Scraping & Document Data Capture.
    • Contextual Workflow and APP based paradigm for solution development (transcends ETL).
    • Accelerated development of Big Data Projects.
    • Hide the Hadoop complexity.
    Key features
    • Data wrangling, harmonization, linking, normalization, alignment methods.
    • Rich dynamic Smart Data driven Mashboards.
    • Search and querying by concepts based on Semantic NLP methods.
    • Data analytics capabilities based on efficient in-memory machine learning approaches.
    • High-level programmable API.
    • Cloud, highly scalable Big Data architectures (Cloudera compliant) based on full Hadoop stack with Spark.


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    A single platform to get what matters.

    Extensive and innovative real-time dynamic  Mashboards  with rich charting for Business Users to get real-time deeper insights and make sense of Smart Data for more informed decision making.

    Take a look at MANTRA Mashboard

     GUI  for Analysts that provides user-friendly facilities (drag&drop and point-and-click tools) to visually interact with the platform to design and execute data acquisition tasks and rules, Contextual Workflows, and manage the platform.
    Sophisticated  Search and Retrieval  facilities based on natural language queries.

    Take a look at MANTRA Web Extraction Modeler

    Take a look at MANTRA Contextual Workflow Designer

    High-level and powerful  API  that enable Developers to directly embed platform functionalities (Contextual Workflows, APPs and Smart Data) into third-party applications and systems.

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